Long games or shorter, one hour sessions

I've heard it said that if one is having a good time playing a longer game (say a 3 hour game) what's the difference than playing 3 one hour games? Fun is fun, right. Well... I'm not so sure about that – at least for me. I think what is going on has to do with the game flow. Generally, most games have three parts: opening, buildup and conclusion. The opening generally defines one's strategy or sets the board up for the main development of the game and is the "dreaming of what can be" part of the game. The buildup is the long tactical area to where the majority of the games lies or the brinkmanship part of the game. Finally, the third part, conclusion, is the final resolve, which often with the Eurogames can be a nail biting affair. For me, I especially like dreaming of what may be and trying things out. I also get a good adrenaline rush at times in the end when the games are close, so this part of the game is also a big appeal. Pound for pound of "fun", I'd rather have more of these two events than one long drawn out brinkmanship part of a game ... most of the time.

- Mike