T&E Board Development Part III

Below the latest development on the board. I tend to agree with comments on the statues and it was something had been bothering me from the beginning. I believe that my rational for the stautes was to anchor the board to compensate for the deliberate flatness I had applied to the playing area. This flatness is necessary to help the pieces project. So, at this point, I've added a stone lion treatment to the center of the board. The contrast is minimal – though I might be adjusting this as I study the effects on the pieces. This lion gives a center mass / focal point that I was looking for with the statues. The borders have been scaled back to a more proportionate level and, as Greg had suggested, figures in the border now face out towards the players. I've added larger corner motifs as well which are oriented toward the players. The center lion's orientation does not bother me when upsidedown as it has been knocked back pretty far with low contrast.

I worked on the player markers. Symbols have more consolidated areas of color than previous publications to emphisize symbol form and color concentrations.

More work will continue on this, but it is getting closer to my satifaction.

- Mike