Dune Board II

Now that I have quite a few characters, I had wanted to continue work on the board where I had reserved room for some tone and manner art. Yes, unfortunately I have only 4 factions represented, but that’s the way it goes. I tried a hexigon board shape to allow for 6 pictures, but in the end, the strong hexigon shape competed too much with the circle – which I really like as a thematic device. Here, as you can see, I have characters which appear ghosted out of the red sand. Next, in some manner, I will be integrating text from the book. I think it needs to be a good chunk of text as it will be small and probably a border treatment. Any suggestions for copy??? It needs to be more than “He who controls the spice, controls the world.” :)

As a sidenote, I love integrating text, whether it be period poetry or some such into boards as texture. Words tend to really humanize the experience. It’s one thing to see illustrations of a person or army or house or artifact from a period. It’s quite another to read a line or two of something some guy actually wrote thousands of years ago. This particularly if the words have relevance to the subject – war, harvest, etc.

As for the Bene Tlailaxu Tanks, I want to have a separate board which can separate the leaders from different factions. Or perhaps this will be a sort of player mat in which the screen will split in half – a hidden area for cash and army and the tanks in front of the screen. I’ve not given it too much thought except I thought the little area in the corner of the board wasn’t ideal for organizing them.

– Mike

©2006 Mike Doyle