Dune Premium Limited Edition Board

... well I can dream, anyway.

I had a chance to play this for the first time this weekend and ... I loved it. It’s a strange wild ride of a game. I’m told much like Cosmic Encounter from the same designer and, from what I have heard of CE, it seems that way. Going into the game with the understanding that it is as much an experience as anything, I enjoyed the ride. The graphics really show age though. Typical for the time and AH, now by our standards it is quite shabby.

I know this game is quite popular – though more an occasional treat for the Dune heads than a gaming staple. That’s ok though. What suprised me was to see it ranks 49 at the moment. The game seems to have a cult following. Not suprising given the rich material that oozes from this piece.

Cult games have the potential for special edition releases as followers can be passionate enough to look for an expensive upgrade. Unfortunately, being under the AH badge, I suspect this one is buried deep in the Hasbro vaults never to see the light of day. While they brought back Cosmic, I suspect they lack the dna to get such a game right for my tastes. These cult games have the potential to rise to a higher standard.

Above, a board that I have begun to create. (Note above is work in progress). This would simply be printed, not actually made of wood and such –though I understand some have made custom boards of wood. This story is one of legend and prophesy. As such, I would create a game of timeless beauty. Though science fiction, the most appropriate feel for this seems that which borrows from antiquity. Circles also seem important to me. AH did take care to emphasize the circle. I would take it a step or two further with the graphics supporting the shape whenever possible. Inlayed wood, gold leaf and mother of pearl touches all make up the details. I like the feel of this. It seems very rich and reverent.

– Mike

©2006 Mike Doyle