Dune Premium Limited Edition Leader Tokens

--Update-- I’ve been adding to this post each day as I do more of these tokens. I’m having such a good time with them, that this game element is hard to put down. At this rate, I hope I might actually finish them all.

Above are leader tokens that I painted to accompany the board in the previous post. Having the portraits all looking forward in a common position helps to create a power to this piece. I chose a more realistic portrait to add richness to this program. One thing I’m never a fan of in games are the “reinactment shots.” Those are the character portraits that try to help players “picture” actions in the game. For instance, a character with a knife in the hand. I find my imagination much better than can be portrayed particularly when the art tends to fit in a small area. It usually lacks power and effect. This is one issue that I have with Magic and other CCGs. To set up a situation in these cards, the characters tend to get tiny and less effective than if they were pictured close up to the viewer.

I really like the way these are looking and am looking forward to continuing with other elements of this game.

Close up of a few pieces

– Mike

©2006 Mike Doyle