Own a custom Doyle meeple avatar

I've had a lot of requests for these digital images so... for some GG you can stake your claim into meeple territory in style. Each meeple will be sold to only one individual. So once you recieve your meeple, it's yours and yours alone for life. Along with a handsome avatar sized icon, you'll also get a printable plate with my signature – again, yours and only yours. Use it as a screen wallpaper if you like. Make a t-shirt out of it... and sell it. Whatever you want. You'll be the only one who can use it.

To buy, please reply to this thread on the Geek with the character you want. I will reply by geekmail to the first response for each character. After you receive a confirmation geekmail, please send the appropriate GG and email info, and I'll send you the files. If I don't receive a response to a geekmail in 2 days after I send it to you, the character will be up for grabs again.

Please don't make the request on this blog or by geek mail as it will be difficult to tell who claimed what first. Only those who first request a character in this Geek thread will get to take advantage of this limited time offer.

The cost is variable depending on the avatar. By far the most requested has been ... you guessed it ... 7 of 9. Most are 20GG, but the most desirable are a bit more.

- 7 of 9: 50GG
- Picard Locutus: 40GG
- Darth Vader: 35GG
- Picard (Normal): 35GG
- Wesley Crusher 5GG (bc I can't stand him)
- Miles O'Brian 5GG (he's a bit nondescript – pictured below the Wesley)

All others are 20GG.

Best of luck! May the force be ... er... live long and prosper.

- Mike