Tempus Box Cover II

Above pictured is the evolved cover for Tempus. I liked the main concept from before but have given more interest and warmth to the piece. Mark’s suggestion (previous post) was a good one I think – that is moving the buildings up on the plain. By doing this and placing as I have, it adds to this abstract feel of the game and provides depth. Also adding to the abstract nature of the game is the paper thin buildings and their flattened non perspective. Adding cool colors to contrast give the piece a sparkle and increase drama which I enjoy.

Now, for the hypocritical part. Again to add warmth and interest, I’ve included bits and pieces of historical material – a battle, a train, an Egyptian farmer, etc. Yes, I certainly did say before that I didn’t think the game need to explain everything out. Well... I would say in this case, rather than portray the “reinacted” events in windows as the published version did, the collage here serves as an abstract texture. One can read the details or not, it mostly doesn’t matter. So long as one gets the feeling that there is a progression through time – that is enough.

I’m now liking where this is heading. Let’s see if I feel that way when I wake up in the morning. :)

– Mike

©2006 Mike Doyle