Tempus Box Cover

I recently acquired a copy of this fascinating game of civilization building and advancement through time. Shame about the cover though. One thing I think many publications suffer from is this need to over explain a game’s theme. In so doing, the cover promises far more than the game really delivers. In this case, the cover filled with technological advances from farming to airplanes implies a rich texture of far reaching goals. It suggests managing railroads and fighting with a broad sweap of weapons through the ages. While this is so – to a degree – the game’s simplification of concepts blurs these ideas down to cloudy notions of advancements. Now this is not to discredit the game, as this seems appropriate from a game standpoint. Only to say that I'm not feeling the railroads or planes in any real way while playing the game.

As Tempus has gone to great lengths to collapse the wide rift of time into a relatively simple game, I believe the cover could go a long way to abstract this notion of the advancement of civilizations. Architecture often is a good measure of a wide array of advancements, from building materials, techniques, organization, sanitation, city density, military stability, etc. Also, as the game rewards city building, it seems appropriate to highlight this progression through architecture. Here, the architecture is presented in a simple, iconic way against a dramatic sunrise background. The look and feel is murky and shimmering.

While I like the look of this, it is still lacking. So, I continue work on it...

– Mike

©2006 Mike Doyle