Modern Art Preview I

As I have mentioned before, I have been working on the latest edition of Modern Art. Unfortunately, this will not be distributed in the US. However, I understand from the publisher that it can be purchased through their website in September, I believe. With the generous permission of the publisher, I will be showcasing a card a month until the game’s expected September release. Here, you will find the first card for April.

Each card has been painted (no photoshop filters, here) and themed for easy identification between sets. The copy, seen here, is generic as it has not all been finalized. Note the additional flavor copy on the bottom of the card with the painting media type (like oils, acrylic, etc) and name of the painting. There will be a number of flavorsome details like this throughout the game to enhance the thematic atmosphere which I’m very excited about. The paintings are all placed on a white background much like they would be against the walls of contemporary exhibit or plates in art books. This is so as not to clash with the paintings’ hues and to enhance the bright colors within each piece. The artists’ coding comes from a color block on top, along side large copy of the artists’ names. Mostly, however, the themes and styles of each artist are so strong that the artists’ cards will be clearly identifiable through the paintings, themselves. The artist’s names will be new (no Yokos or Lite Metals here) just to appeal to the particular audience the publisher is looking toward. The artist pictured here is one of what I call the “pretty artists”. Most of the artists have “pretty” paintings, which are not too radical in style and are easily approachable for the masses. This allows for easy appreciation for those who generally do not care for more extreme forms of expression. Though there are a few that get more abstracted in nature.

I rather enjoy this painting as the colors are very, very interesting to me. Notice how the background wash of pink shows through the chest of the bird giving the illusion of reflected light from the snow below. I’m fond of that detail and the brightness and pureness of the blues and pinks. Some of the blue strokes are nearly pure cyan which absolutely glows against the pinks and grayer blues. The strong warm and cool contrast are also very effective.

I hope you enjoy.

– Mike