Art Play, the book.

I’m assessing the possibilities of creating a gorgeous, limited edition, hard bound book filled with illustrations and photographs of projects that I have worked on – both real and imagined – along with essays on various aspects of game art. Many of the projects have not yet been published but will be by the time the book is released around Christmas. The book would be anywhere from 40-80 pages, hard bound with a lovely dust cover (coffee table quality) at about 10” wide x 8”. The essays would be an amalgamation of writings and thoughts from this site and more. This would not be a slurp of this site, but a professionally designed, high end piece of art. The price for this micro published art book will be about $60.

If you are interested, please let me know or comment on this entry. If there is enough response, I will develop the book. There is no obligation to buy – for now, I am simply determining if I should move forward with this.

– Mike