QWG’s Yspahan: Master Print Edition No.2

As mentioned in a previous post, I've had the good fortune to develop the system look for QWG's upcoming line of unique games, Master Print Editions. Following their first edition, Leonardo da Vinci, we have Yspahan, a fun, light game. I actually had the chance to play it earlier this year and thought it nice. Like Leonardo, this edition will retain the original components of previous productions and will differ only in the box design. The box design is part of a system look that treats all games as part of a family of products.

Being that this is a much lighter game than Leonardo, it was decided that we should contrast Leonardo's serious look with a fun, playful production. Here we have a look that is heavily inspired by bright Persian pallets and rich period ornamentation. The drawing style adapts some simple period drawings which add greatly to the lighter feel of the game. The main imagery focuses on a busy, colorful marketplace – similar to the board in some respects. Gems sitting on the surface add a delightful touch to the cover and speak of a culture trading in precious items. The type is very Arabic inspired and helps to communicate the local. I'm very excited over this cover, both for its ability to contrast within the system and deliver a strong look rooted in the Persian culture and game elements.

The design of the back of the box is still under development and will be coming shortly.
– Mike

For more information on QWG you can go to White Golbin Game's site and the Quined site. Here you can find their previous titles which include the Princes of Florence, Reef Encounter, Taj Mahal and Caylus among others. They have won the Dutch Game Price 2006 (with Caylus) and have some great games for the 2007 DGP with Hermagor, Taj Mahal, Leonardo, Yspahan and a number of soon to be released games: Princes of Florence (new edition), Caylus Magna Carta and Medici vs Strozzi.

©2007 Mike Doyle