T&E Board Development Part VI

After working on Yspahan, I had the inclination to review what I had done for T&E so long ago. Back then, I tried pushing things too far with the old board in terms of allowing too many details and contrasting details to remain. It still was not easy enough to look at for me. So, I took another look at the board. This time cutting down the border’s size and contrasting detail so as not to take away from the action on the board. Also, the board spaces have reduced contrast. All this contributes to pieces that are easier to read. I also rather like the look of this much more than before. This was not meant to be final, so the grid is rough – though it might be nice not to be completely perfect in the end. I’ll probably look into the river to make a little more naturalistic looking with a different treatment of inlayed gold.

Comparison between new and old. It’s quite clear the effectiveness of the newer board compared to the previous one.

Above is a comparison of this board against HiG. The new board reads a bit better to my eyes.

Above, a trick often used in the development of corporate identity programs to see how recognizable a mark can be in a quick moment’s glance. In this case by blurring the boards equally, one can see readability which requires quick scannability.

– Mike

©2007 Mike Doyle