Tower of Babel Cover (reimagined)

There are many styles that can be applied to give an sophisticated, adult appeal. One purpose of this blog is to introduce styles that can be appropriated for Euros. Here we have another look that is a bit dreamy and abstract.

Tower of Babel is one of these games that really has nothing to do with anything. Fun to play, but there is no sense of atmosphere. So, for a game about nothing, we have here a cover about... not that much – just building. I could have drawn this with many of the landmark wonders. But in the end, it seemed more powerful to have this single iconic tower. Given the theme doesn't matter or even provide atmosphere, going iconic/abstract and supporting the title seems to me a fine approach. I kept the colors fun – somewhat muted but certainly colorful.

I'm very fond of this style of drawing. It is cartoon like, but adult cartoon. The style is not dissimilar from what Alessandra Cimatoribus has done in games like San Marco, Big Top and Torres. The look has an attitude and for that I'm pleased.

– Mike

©2007 Mike Doyle