QWG’s Demetra (Key Harvest)

Here, we see the latest edition to QWG’s MasterPrint Series. Demetra as many of you now know is Richard Breese’s new upcoming Key Harvest title about medieval farming. Like Leonardo and Yspahan, this is simply a box redesign – all the inside components remain as done by Richard’s sister, Juliet.

Cover image. Note how the complexity of the image is contrasted with very simple cloth detailing.

Close-in image shows the level of detail that I put into the painting. Very lovely and authentic feeling.

The cover with two spines.

I believe this cover to be my favorite of the series so far. Here, I have created a detailed and complex scene in a medieval style depicting a vast landscape patchwork of fields. In the game, you will find a board with a patchwork grid of fields so this seemed an appropriate direction. The look is a bit dreamy and quaintly drawn. The technique and feel of the cover relates somewhat to Caylus which also employed a busy, artful touch. As such, the look is upscale and rich.

QWG MasterPrint Series cover lineup.

A yellow orange leather book contrasts nicely with the green cover as well as the other books. The overall effect is very rich. This yellow orange brings out colors in the painting.

The second spine. Again, this highlights the uniformity and diversity of the system. Its ability to complement through a rigid template, but elastic enough to give a wide range of differentiation.

A great deal thought and care is given to each cover to deliver an overall effect of visual diversity and excitement within the system. Each cover – in their own way – contrasts others around them to give a unique and visible texture to the collection as a whole. For instance, you can see with Demetra a complex painting with a very simple, understated cover detailing. Contrast this with Leonardo, which has a simple, bold painting and complex detailing in the leather work. On some covers, we use very bright colors (like Yspahan which is a lighter, brighter game) and others muted colors like Leonardo. For El Capitán we chose a more commercial approach as the publication will have a broader reach. Imagine how rich a living room bookshelf might look with the entire series displayed on it!

In addition the the look and appeal of the series, the MP Series is a limited edition proposition in that the print runs are very small. This adds to the rarity of the collection which adds value.

Congratulations to the QWG team for their continued support and promotion of the MasterPrint Series! I believe this series represents a new positive shift in the development and rethinking of style, sophistication and adult appeal in this category of boardgames.

– Mike