Valley Games’ Big City Cover

For a fun, relatively quick game that is on the lighter side we have a cover with a fun, lighthearted touch. The color pallet is punchy and colorful. The forms are exaggerated and playful with a strong vertical emphasis. As the game is about a city springing up to life, the vertical forms and unnatural arching give this cover such life.

The layout is part of a flexible format that we developed based on the “letterbox” like format of the Hannibal project we did. In this case, when a vertical image is called for we have a system to capture that.

The type is sophisticated and simply executed with strong vertical emphasis. This echoes the image and game concept of building a city up. The deep blue background contrasts the bright and light colors of the city and allows the eye to focus in on the image.

The city neighborhoods have been developed which look very lovely. I’ll be posting these at another time.

– Mike