Valley Games’ Container

Here we have a few components from Container which is Valley Game’s latest production and marks their first original game design. For the cover, we let the containers themselves be the heroes pointing the way to their destination aboard the ships. The image features a strong diagonal composition which leads the eye from the many colorful containers to the ship at sea. The sky and containers were created optimistic and bright for the cover.

Money (front and back)

The money was an interesting feature that I enjoyed doing. More often then not, money is the component that disappoints me in games (other than the cover). Certainly there is the paper/card/token issue for which paper remains highly annoying. But also, in the case of paper and card money, I find that I do not care for the look. Typically when showing a bill, the entire piece is shown. The problem becomes making the bill look real. If real, then where is it from? Do you use real currency or create a fake country? Mostly, games tend to follow the monopoly example showing the game’s name and some components. Here, we have avoided the fake country issue by only showing a portion of the bills. In this way, enough real looking information can be displayed without specifying much more. On these bills we decided to celebrate container transportation with engraved images of that theme.

Loan Card (front and back)

End Value Card (front and back)

Also pictured here are loan cards and end value cards. The end value cards are kept secret and determine the value of each kind of container for a player at the finish. The card backs were fun to do. We have here the language of containers with a diamond sign and the typical bold condensed type that you find on containers.

The container theme was further pushed with the rules cover where we used the diamond signs to house a sort of language table of contents.

– Mike