Preview of Valley Games’ Titan: III

In this post, we can see updated parts and pieces of the Titan project. Most everything has been said already in other posts on this site and are extentions of that work, so I’ll leave it at that. I’m very pleased with this program and look forward to getting my copy!

Board with corner information. Muster and movement info. A close up also pictured here of the movement key with simplified wording. The icons have been removed from the corner muster charts as they get rediculously small and distracting at that size.

A few selections of the battleboards. Having the different colored boards adds a nice richness to the program and, of course is an extention of the board graphics. This extention helps aid in recall as the color system is better/quicker burned into the brain through more exposure.

One side of a reference sheet with close up of muster chart. A few details were added to the chart including amount needed for next creature up and range/flight icons. Varying line weights help the eye better track different terrain routes as color differentiation can be a bit difficult on lines. One could certainly read the terrain copy, but it’s best not to have to read everything every time through. For the rangestrike diagram, I added the units that had that capability and stats related to that. Easy enough to figure out without, but seemed nice to have on hand.
An example of a unit. Much was said of these last round. The only thing I'll say here is that there are always production limitations that crop up in these games. One such reflected here is the rule that type cannot be placed within a certain distance from the edge of the tokens. Seen here is the limits to where it can be placed.

A few leader token examples: ancient/medieval instruments, demon/devel/dragons and celestial bodies. Earier experimentation showed full color (full bleed color) blended in too much to the colored board. Shields simply color blind assitance. White borders and top area helped to project it up from the dark board.

– Mike