Gone brickn

 For those interested or wondering where I'm at, I've fallen under the spell of Lego recently and am continuing my writings and designs on another blog, Snap, which is all about Lego and work on it. Lego is a fascinating medium with its modularity, precision and variability. Having only recently picked it up (since I was a kid) I had no idea what was going on in that world. Well, as it turns out, a heck of a lot. Adults and kids/teens all over the world, building the most incredible things!

My first series of pieces will be abandoned homes, rich with detail. 

As for board gaming, I still do play on occasion with friends, though far far less frequently (unfortuately). I stopped the BG art due to burnout. Full time job with long hours, long commute, kids and then BG art taking all my other awake time for a few years in a row sort of took a toll on enthusiasm. Game art is terribly time consuming to create. In the end, I didn't have that luxury. Kids took more of a front seat and the art stopped. It was a great ride though and I thank all the publishers, gamers and game art enthusiasts for the interest and excitement which kept me going for long, and wonderful time! :)