New Lego art and slight delay in game art prints

First off, for the many who had responded to art prints of game art, it is happening, there was just a little delay. As with all things in life, stuff just seems to take longer than one would expect. I've been experimenting with color proofs on the game art prints to get them just right which takes a little time ... and got a bit caught up in a little something else. :) That being the Lego art above. Probably just a few weeks until the game art prints are ready for shipping at which time, I'll be notifying those of you who contacted me as well as on this blog.

In the meantime... if you are interested in Legos at all, you may know I've been working on a series of abandoned homes. This one above is the third in my series called "Victorian on Mud Heap." It was made with black, white and gray pieces – about 110k - 130k of them – and took around 600 hours to make. The building stands about 5.5' x 6' x 3' and was made only with unaltered Lego pieces. No foreign materials like glue, wood, tape, paint or even modified Legos. If your curious how it was done, I have a general "making of" post on my site Snap where I will be continuing the "make of" series of this piece through the week. On that site, you can also see more close up views which I'll be adding to.

You can also purchase a print of this and even a few actual chunks of the model (one of a kind purchases) at my print shop where I will be selling the game prints in the future (you can see them there as well). Prices for the game prints might be different though than the Lego prints. Probably will sell the game prints in two sizes, one cheeper than the Lego prints and one more expensive depending on the size.

In terms of the future of Lego for me, my next piece will carry on this theme, will probably be more grand and could possibly be a permanent exhibit in an art gallery! Still working on that, but it is a possibility which I'm very excited about.

Happy gaming ... and bricking!