Prints Available for Sale

I'm pleased to announce the sale of limited edition exhibition quality prints of a few pieces I have worked on. Each one is approximately 12" x 17" (give or take an inch or two in some cases). They are all printed on thick archival ultrasmooth fine art paper with archival inks. They can be purchased through my site, Bumble & Bramble.

Each comes with a signed and numbered print, a signed/numbered/stamped certificate of authenticity and a little documentation on the piece which is also signed. They are $49 each or $44 each if you buy more than one (plus S&H). Note all are sold unframed only.

Generally, these are printed larger than originally produced. In the case of the Caylus board, it is approximately 70% actual size and not usable for play. The Battles of Napoleon is also smaller than the original production as the original game was huge!

Colors are rich and vibrant and, in the case of a few (Caylus, for example), are brighter and truer to the my original intent.

– mike