Latest Lego and misc game

My latest LEGO creation, the Power of Freedom: Iraq, released a week before July 4th speaks toward the senseless destruction that our unlawful invasion created. You can read more on this on my sister blog, Snap. Beautiful glicée prints are also available through Bumble and Bramble.

I've had the honor of having prints of my LEGO works selected for display in a new, upcoming museum in Boston called the Museum of Realist Art. They are moving into a former library branch near the east Boston waterfront. You can read more about this here as well as visit their site here.

I've been having a fantastic time with my buddies playing games again after a couple year hiatus. I'm discovering a fantastic brew of great games from 2010 - present. Again, I'm interested in reworking art from my favorite games. At the moment, I've been reworking the art for Through the Ages, which has remained my very favorite game.

Also a reminder for those interested. The game art below is still for sale at Bumble and Bramble looking really incredible. It makes for a great gift for your game spouse as well. :) You can read what others who have bought prints have to say.

– Mike